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There are dozens of products and services from Gameloch Publisher Global, The Lochlite & Lochpay Company and The Locwap & Locwep Company. We have personal and business products and services that can help you during your daily routine and in your company's business, we offer solutions that range from business management by proxy to the tools for hiring and issuing invoices, GPGIC is here to help to grow in the most varied sectors of the economy.

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Meet The GPGIC Company, your next business partner. See our personal and corporate solutions

Why use the Gameloch Account?

The Gameloch Account is a unique account for all customers of the Gameloch Group, if you are or will be our customer, you have probably used or will use the Gameloch Account, remembering that membership will be mandatory for all aparti contracts from February 1, 2021 Here you can login with your favorite social network and build amazing things like creating your own online store, offering a learning platform to your students, creating your first blog or maybe creating a website to interview your students candidates entirely online, you can also issue a label to send one or more of your products by mail.

Accessible by the app

Our app is free and can be installed through the online store or directly through the browser. It weighs just over 1 MB.

Start for free

Start for free, pay when you get over the Free Account, without a card or red tape, no matter if you are a person or company, try it now.


We are a legitimate and legalized company, when you join Gameloch Account you sign the service provision contract.

We're 3 in 1

At Gameloch Account you have access to all our products and services, three companies are working day and night for you.

Who's who in the Gameloch Account?

If you are new here, this may seem a little confusing, at GPGIC the word Gameloch is present in many of our products and services, but that does not mean that they belong to Gameloch, this is because Lochlite and Lochpay, now united and Locwap and Locwep, were part of Gameloch, as part of our global expansion plan they gained independence and have their own structure and team, whenever you see reference to retail, entertainment, graphic services and design we are only dealing with Gameloch.


Gameloch is a communications company with retail, ICT and consulting divisions

  • Editorial & Entertainment
  • Graphic Services & Design
  • Sound mixing services
  • Physical and digital advertising
  • Film production for advertising
  • Retail, Wholesale & Marketplace
  • Digital certification, ICT & Telecom
  • Business consultancy & advice
  • Career management, shows and events
  • Asset management, brands & patents
  • Asset licensing
  • Web hosting & domains

Lochlite & Lochpay

Lochlite is a technology company. Lochpay is a payment institution

  • Technical assistance
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • LAN, MAN and WAN configuration
  • Server configuration
  • Technical support and consulting
  • Digital account
  • Payment intermediation
  • Payroll management
  • Prepaid, debit and credit card

Locwap & Locwep

Locwap is a Commercial Cargo and Passenger Company. Locwep is a land and sea carrier.

  • Air passenger transport
  • Air cargo transportation
  • Air taxi service
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Fast delivery services
  • Logistical organization
  • Interstate road transport
  • International road transport
  • Long sea shipping
  • Freight forwarding
  • Shipping agency

GPGIC Alliance

Some of our products and services belong to more than one company, in these cases, the product is from The GPGIC Company.

Single contract

A single contract for all services and additional contracts when necessary, all faster and more transparent.

Shared support

Service almost everywhere with your customer number, whether on the website, in the application, by email or text message.

Unified invoice

Your services in a single detailed invoice, whether to pay in cash, with card or bank transfer.

International Coverage

If you have GPGIC, have service, when traveling abroad, you can use your digital and physical services when available.

What services are available on the Gameloch Account?

All of our services are available for hiring by Gameloch Account, as long as the product or service is available and up to date with your invoices, whether from Gameloch Account or the companies of the Gameloch Group. In the case of postpaid products, there may be restrictions on people or companies registered in the defaulting registrations.


Membership can be done free of charge and the service contract is signed online.


The plans are available in prepaid and postpaid mode, with separate plans and service packages.


The support hours may vary according to the chosen plan, the options available are 24/7, 18/7 or business hours.


The refund will obey the legal term of 7 working days and will be analyzed according to the case and the rules of the contracted services.

Who we are ?

The GPGIC Company or Grupo Gameloch International Company, is a business group formed by Gameloch, Lochlite & Lochpay, Locwap & Locwep and Gameloch International Company, GPGIC has a fundamental role in the businesses of the companies that form it, be it connecting customers, joining to new markets and new countries or increasing cooperation between them, thus reinforcing our commitment to maintaining the quality standards, customer service and our initial values ​​that accompanies us since the creation of Gameloch.


Our mission is to create a global network that allows people to use our products and services anywhere in the world with the same quality, price and speed with which they already use them in their respective countries.


We have an extensive list of priorities and perspectives, among which is reaching the Breakthrough Brands is Interbrand's award, increasing our presence in the European and Asian continent and fulfilling our internal expansion agenda until 2025.


  • Cordiality and reciprocity
  • Customer privacy
  • Balance in labor relations
  • Commitment to goals and deadlines
  • Preservation of fundamental rights
  • Sustainability and accessibility
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Autonomy and inviolability
  • Estamos nas principais
    capitais do Brasil

    • Brasilia
    • Goiania
    • Belo Horizonte
    • Campo Grande
    • Porto Alegre
    • Curitiba
    • São Paulo
    • Rio de Janeiro

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    Frequent doubts

    Is the service free?

    Mylochi é uma plataforma de codigo fechado e não distribuivel, o serviço é gratuito até os limites da conta free.

    Existe quota de servidores?

    Não, não existe quota, os sites são distribuidos aleatoriamente e podem ser movidos para outro servidor caso seja necessario.

    Preciso transferir o meu dominio?

    Não, Mylochi usa o registro CNAME, issso significa que você manterá o controle da zona DNS do dominio, não precisa trasferir.

    Preciso ter nome limpo?

    Se você optar pela fatura mensal ou precisar parcelar a fatura, você precisará estar sem restrições, mas se for pagar tudo à vista, não, não é necessario.

    Preciso ter empresa?

    Não, nós atendemos pessoas fisicas e juridicas, os planos são os mesmos para ambos os casos, você paga pelo que usa.

    Como seram pagas as vendas?

    As vendas que você fizer serão transferidas para a sua conta bancaria, o prazo para transferencia varia de acordo com o metodo usado pelo cliente.

    Pode veicular propaganda?

    Sim, você pode, porem, elas não poderam violar a legislação local e você não poderá forçar o usuario a clicar nelas.

    I still have questions, where can I find out more about the Gameloch Account?

    At GPGIC we strive to offer the largest possible number of customer service channels and reduce waiting times, as well as providing a satisfactory response when this is possible.

    We look forward to serving you

    Tell us how we can help you, be clear and objective so that we can understand your request and respond to it in a timely manner.


    • Enter your name so we can validate the information.
    • Enter a valid email so that you can receive the answer.
    • Enter the last service protocol if you have one, it starts with gpgic for customers in South America (Business Division 001 to 050) and gic for other locations (Business Division 050 to 100).
    • Enter your customer number if you have one, you will find it on the panel.
    • Describe your question objectively, explaining what you want.
    • If you wish to report abuse by a client of the Gameloch Group, please provide the website, email or any other information by which we can locate the reported client.
    • If you want to talk about your contract, please use the form at: drcg.gpgic.com

    We will never share your email with anyone else.